December 2008

Run a freeway through the middle of an office building?

Sure, why not. It's Japan. Go to town.

Posted Fri 05 December 2008 00:07 (+1300)

The Crocker Arctic Land Expedition

There's a lot of competition for biggest fail in the world today, but I still say that it's hard to fail harder than the failed Crocker Land Expedition. It's not so much the whole massive cost, ships stuck in ice, frostbite on a glacier, ill-equipped-rescuers etc., and not even the highly-suspicious killing of one of the Inuit guides.

Posted Thu 04 December 2008 23:35 (+1300)

Recent photos

Hong Kong at night, from Victoria Peak
An IFC monolith
Lucky Dessert neon
Hong Kong sign overload near Mong Kok
Sunset from Hong Kong Island
One of the stalls making Mong Kok overpoweringly smelly
Making the most of the land you've got
Cool arch up Nong Ping

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