July 2008

Selenium RC Firefox 3.0 support on Ubuntu Hardy

If you've upgraded Selenium RC to the latest build you may be disappointed to find that while it supports Firefox 3 now, it can't start Firefox 3 “out of the box” on Ubuntu Hardy. Easy to fix.

Posted Thu 31 July 2008 13:33 (+1200)

Nordic explorations

We don't know what exactly is going on here (oil exploration?) but since it involves polar bears, icebreakers and submersibles, polar bears checking out the ships, guys standing around in places that look like they're about to go through the ice, polar bears, helicopters and hey, polar bears, we reckon it was probably cool fun.

Posted Wed 30 July 2008 00:57 (+1200)

Chemicals having a party

It's hard not to like the EU, especially when it's turning out amusing videos like this.

Posted Tue 22 July 2008 23:40 (+1200)

Multiple IPs with Xen vif-route

There's a small issue with bringing up Xen dom-Us with multiple IPs bound to an interface if you're using routed networking (vif-route) instead of bridging. There's an easy adjustment to fix this which works fine for me.

Posted Tue 22 July 2008 23:31 (+1200)

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