January 2010

Windows 3.11 for the web

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but some people have far too much free time. Even supports the MS-DOS Prompt!

Posted Wed 27 January 2010 00:45 (+1300)


You can add “biweekly” to the list of words that are now unusable: in some parts of the world it has come to mean twice a week, whereas apparently it originally meant every two weeks. All a bit rubbish really. A quick googling found I'm not the only person who thinks that we should have diweekly (language NSFW) for the former and biweekly for the latter, but I don't see it happening.

Posted Sun 24 January 2010 20:57 (+1300)


It was early afternoon when our train from Madrid rolled into Córdoba, and it was baking hot outside. We caught the bendy bus from the station in the modern commercial town down to the old town. With a bit of GPS loving we got off at the right street, which had jasmine spilling over walls and was lined with the most fragrant orange trees I'd ever smelt – and we quickly found our hotel.

Posted Sun 10 January 2010 01:25 (+1300)

Recent photos

Hong Kong at night, from Victoria Peak
An IFC monolith
Lucky Dessert neon
Hong Kong sign overload near Mong Kok
Sunset from Hong Kong Island
One of the stalls making Mong Kok overpoweringly smelly
Making the most of the land you've got
Cool arch up Nong Ping

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