June 2010

John Clarke explains the BP oil spill response

Expat John Clarke does a sterling job explaining the BP oil spill response:

Posted Tue 29 June 2010 21:26 (+0900)

Casas Batlló and Milà

After we visited Parc Güell and La Sagrada Familia we went to see the two amazing Gaudí buildings just a couple of blocks away from each other in Eixample, the district in Barcelona we were staying in (good choice Mary!). They are both incredible buildings, utterly unlike the conventional boxes we're used to, and Casa Batlló in particular is a great example of designing a place to suit the way people want to live in it.

Posted Sun 13 June 2010 18:21 (+1200)

Parc Güell and La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona's a cool city to visit, but I think to many it's best known for the architectural works of Antonio Gaudí – and fair enough, they're awesome! We went to four total; here's the park and the cathedral.

Posted Sat 12 June 2010 20:42 (+1200)

Barcelona streets and eats

Trains were sold out so I took a bus from Cuenca to Valencia and then take the train to Barcelona from there, which meant a bit of a walk through town – quite nice though, would like to go back and see Valencia itself but couldn't fit it in this trip. I got in to Barcelona about dinnertime and was pretty unimpressed when the hotel I'd booked for the night booted me across to their sister hotel a few blocks away – they paid for a taxi but I was meeting one of my friends at my original hotel. It turned out she was actually in the waiting room when I arrived there but didn't notice my voice when I was speaking in Spanish! Anyway, there we were in Barcelona, home of lots of cool Gaudí works (and some confusing street names).

Posted Sat 12 June 2010 20:09 (+1200)

Cuenca in Autumn

After the Moroccan tour ended I headed back to Spain in order to meet up with friends in Barcelona, but I had some time before they got there which I spent decompressing in Cuenca, Spain, which turned out to be covered in beautiful autumn colors and to have a great abstract art museum in the famous hanging houses.

Posted Mon 07 June 2010 23:02 (+1200)

Ending in Marrakech

Having parted from our minibus and Said, our driver who kept us safe on the highways around the Moroccan interior, we took a Supratour bus from Essaouira, which seemed nice but then only got about 49% of the way there before breaking down.

Posted Sun 06 June 2010 17:53 (+1200)


After Aroumd up in the mountains we had a long drive to Essaouira on the coast, the most relaxed of the big Moroccan towns we went to. Here we had a day and a half to just chill out and explore or try some activities.

Posted Sun 06 June 2010 00:50 (+1200)

Aroumd in the mountains

After the great overnight stay at Ait Benhaddou we left Action Couscous and headed up windy roads to the mountains, stopping at Imlil from where we walked (or if not up to it, donkeyed) up to the small village of Aroumd.

Posted Tue 01 June 2010 00:27 (+1200)

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