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I'm a Wellington, New Zealand-based software consultant. I'm willbryant on GitHub. If you'd like to get in touch, you can contact me at my public email address.

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Changing Munin 2 to collect data every minute

By default in most Linux distributions, Munin will only poll every 5 minutes, which is often too low-resolution for modern production environments. Here's how to convert Munin 2.0 to poll every minute.


Overriding the default Linux kernel 20-second TCP socket connect timeout

Whatever language or client library you're using, you should be able to set the timeout on network socket operations, typically split into a connect timeout, read timeout, and write timeout.


Tetris art

How to make Munin periodically remind you of unresolved alerts

I recommend Munin for general-purpose linux/unix server state monitoring (CPU, memory, disk, network traffic, etc).