February 2008

Changing system user account homedirs on Mac OS X

Changing the homedir for a hidden user account (eg. ‘postgres’ on my system) on Mac OS X is a bit less obvious than it is on Linux; you use the Directory Services utility instead of directly editing a file like /etc/passwd.

Posted Mon 25 February 2008 11:52 (+1300)

How to hide an aircraft factory

It's WWII, and you've got a Lockheed aircraft factory in Burbank, California, which is looking distinctly bombable. How do you hide it? You make a fake town on the roof – complete with houses, streets, and trees.

Posted Thu 21 February 2008 19:24 (+1300)

Dubai jailings of random travelers

So, it turns out if you're travelling via Dubai and you have a tiny speck of cannabis on the bottom of your shoe – we're talking 0.003g here, such as you might get walking any random place – you can not only be arrested, you've got a great chance of getting put in jail for four years. Oh, and poppy seeds from a bread roll? That's a jailing too. Melatonin, you too. Now, watch and be amazed as I never, ever, EVER, fly Emirates through their hub.

Posted Wed 20 February 2008 23:20 (+1300)


Dammit… A mis-directed skype add/chat informs me there is now another Will Bryant in NZ – recently moved from the UK to Auckland. Knew I should have trademarked it or sumfink :).

Posted Tue 05 February 2008 00:37 (+1300)

At Kiwi Foo Camp

I'm away for the weekend at Kiwi Foo Camp (a geek/media/politics/law/making/web/hanging out meetup) in Warkworth, out of Auckland.

Posted Fri 01 February 2008 18:37 (+1300)

Recent photos

Hong Kong at night, from Victoria Peak
An IFC monolith
Lucky Dessert neon
Hong Kong sign overload near Mong Kok
Sunset from Hong Kong Island
One of the stalls making Mong Kok overpoweringly smelly
Making the most of the land you've got
Cool arch up Nong Ping

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