February 2008

Changing system user account homedirs on Mac OS X

Changing the homedir for a hidden user account (eg. ‘postgres’ on my system) on Mac OS X is a bit less obvious than it is on Linux; you use the Directory Services utility instead of directly editing a file like /etc/passwd.

Posted Mon 25 February 2008 11:52 (+1300)

How to hide an aircraft factory

It's WWII, and you've got a Lockheed aircraft factory in Burbank, California, which is looking distinctly bombable. How do you hide it? You make a fake town on the roof – complete with houses, streets, and trees.

Posted Thu 21 February 2008 19:24 (+1300)

Dubai jailings of random travelers

So, it turns out if you're travelling via Dubai and you have a tiny speck of cannabis on the bottom of your shoe – we're talking 0.003g here, such as you might get walking any random place – you can not only be arrested, you've got a great chance of getting put in jail for four years. Oh, and poppy seeds from a bread roll? That's a jailing too. Melatonin, you too. Now, watch and be amazed as I never, ever, EVER, fly Emirates through their hub.

Posted Wed 20 February 2008 23:20 (+1300)


Dammit… A mis-directed skype add/chat informs me there is now another Will Bryant in NZ – recently moved from the UK to Auckland. Knew I should have trademarked it or sumfink :).

Posted Tue 05 February 2008 00:37 (+1300)

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