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Setting the PATH variable the Mac OS X way

Mac OS X has a nice extensible way to add things to your PATH environment variable using /etc/paths.d.


Macports FreeImage patch for Leopard

Mac OS X open-source suffers from a lot of users and not a lot of contributers. You can whine about it, or you can help :). I've created a simple patch for the problems compiling the FreeImage macport on leopard, removing the need for the workarounds.


Installing ruby postgres and mysql gems on Leopard

Leopard comes with ruby preinstalled. Most of us use macports to install postgresql & mysql for use with rails, but if you use macports to install their ruby bindings then it will build it's own ruby too. That works, but here's how to compile them if you'd prefer to stick to the stock Leopard ruby.


Fixing the postgresql initdb fatal shared memory error on Leopard

When doing the post-install setup of postgresql default database using initdb, you may hit a fatal error due to the shared memory sysctl limits being too low by default.


Changing system user account homedirs on Mac OS X

Changing the homedir for a hidden user account (eg. ‘postgres’ on my system) on Mac OS X is a bit less obvious than it is on Linux; you use the Directory Services utility instead of directly editing a file like /etc/passwd.


Installing PostgreSQL and Mysql and the Ruby gems on Snow Leopard

Things have gotten a lot simpler since the write-up I gave for Leopard.

Again, Snow Leopard comes with Ruby preinstalled, and I strongly recommend that you stick with that version rather than using the macports Ruby – no need to have two versions on your system.