Communicative hosting companies

Looking around at a number of hosting companies recently it was great to see some positive examples of how you should communicate important permissions and restrictions to your (potential) customers sticking out from the usual pile of deliberately obscured limitations and unmanageable legalese we've come to expect from the world.

For example, while ServerAxis's site is perhaps excessively basic, their Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy are excellent – they are only as long as they need to be and use plain english rather than legalese to explain what you get and what you can and can't do, even explaining who is responsible in the case of customers of resellers etc. Plenty of other hosting companies spent about three times the number of words to give their policy, which results in few people reading them and fewer understanding them.

Meanwhile while Mosso is not the right thing for my own needs currently, their Is it a fit? page is excellent, because not only does it sell what their service can do, it immediately and explicitly tells you what it can't do. Most companies try and hide any discussion of the limitations in their services, pretending that they might support them any moment now, forcing users to hunt around in ungenuine FAQs and forums to find out whether something will work, often just giving up and going with a more familiar option.

Let's see more of good communication!