Munich for the Deutsches Museum of technology

Published Wed 10 September 2008 23:46 (+0200)
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I had a couple of days spare after hanging out in Berlin before I was due to fly home, and I decided to go down to Munich. It's quite different culturally to Berlin which is quite progressive and modern; Munich is much more traditional.

I checked in to the hotel and went downstairs and outside to find some dinner and discovered a wine-fest right on the corner, apparently celebrating the new vintages. Very handy, had a glass of quite good red wine and a really excellent red sausage. The pastry everywhere in Munich was great too – in fact it's pretty damn good most places in Germany.

Apart from eating and doing a lot of walking up and down the city trying to do geocaches (got 2, couldn't find 2 others, got soaking wet one day and a bit muddy the next, all good fun) I mainly just went to the Deutsches Museum which is a really big museum packed chocka-block full of technology of every kind. Planes, space-suits, satellites, and rocket engines, bridges, tunnels, and waterworks, water-powered machines, oil-powered machines, and electrical machines, ceramics, glass, paper, and textiles, the list goes on and on…

It's really good – not all the sections have English versions of the texts, but there's plenty that do so you won't run out. I didn't even get the first floor done the first afternoon, and there's like 5!

Definitely recommended for geeky people.

No photos from Munich sadly – the camera Raewyn kindly lent me went back home with Mog and mine won't be replaced till I get home and make the insurance claim.

After an initially fast and great train that turned into a stopped and suck I made it to Frankfurt airport to check-in just in time, and started the 1.5 day long flights home to NZ.