Fluff in Berlin

Published Tue 09 September 2008 20:06 (+0200)
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Rucola Salat mit Parmesanmousse
Rucola Salat mit Parmesanmousse
Currywürst, I missed you
Currywürst, I missed you

They've gone mousse-mad in Berlin at the mo, or at least in Friedrichstrasse – every dessert at the conference venue (mm dessert at lunch, so fat) was a mousse or sponge or fuffy thing, and when we went out for dinner the salad had a parmesan mousse on it. How do you make a parmesan mousse? No idea, but it was delicious with the acidic vinegar dressing the rucola (rocket).

After the incredibly rich, fancy food at the conference venue I was just craving the opposite – simple and low-brow. Man had I missed currywürst – German sausage is great, no junk, so tasty.