To Hong Kong via Melbourne

Published Mon 11 August 2008 22:06 (+1000)

So I'm off again on a bit of a trip, heading to Europe again for RailsConf Europe, this time via Hong Kong, London, and maybe Italy.

The flight from Wellington to Melbourne was late-as-always but uneventful – though I learned you really don't want to be in the exit rows if you want to sleep, as the seats don't recline. Knew there had to be a catch to that extra legrooom…

In Melbourne I had 5h to kill before the connecting flight on to Hong Kong, so Luther was called in from town to have dinner and a drink at an airport bar, which was good.

Melbourne airport itself is a bit of a mixed bag. The staff seem friendly, and they have a water fountain (next to the drinks machine, no less), but there's no free wifi (they trick you slightly – they let you do google searches but you'll hit the paywall as soon as you try and browse off google.com.au).

Anyway the flight left after the usual delay and we overnighted to Hong Kong.