Over to Tirol

Published Mon 15 October 2007 01:01 (+1300)
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The Alps from the Wipptal through Innsbruck
The Alps from the Wipptal through Innsbruck
The Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof), Innsbruck
The Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof), Innsbruck

After a great few days with my Austrian friends around Vienna, it was time to say my fond farewells and many thanks for them having me to stay!, and hop on the train to head west.

The trains were surprisingly busy for the middle of the week, looked like some school trips were on their way home, but I found a seat and chilled out looking out the window. We pulled into Innsbruck, the capital of the Alpine region of Tirol (Tyrol) on time and I had a couple of hours to wander about the city.

No-one sounds very impressed when I say this, but that is totally the Alps in the background there. Which is cool, because.. they're the Alps. Well, I thought it was cool.

Brillant liquor shop in Innsbruck
Brillant liquor shop in Innsbruck

And this, my friends, is the liquor shop, with very many varieties of schnapps, fruit liquors, creamy liquors, hard liquors, and worrying-looking liquors in mad-scientist-style chamber dispenser things just waiting for you to sample (free – walk back along the lane of touristy shops that leads up (East) from the corner with the “Golden Roof” building and look for the sign) and, inevitably, buy.

I bought a good few – the walnut liquor for which I have special plans and a herby thing that I got for Mog being the only ones to survive the trip home… the rest giving their lives over the next week. They died for the cause.

Also, BTW. The caramel cream liquor tasted just like Baileys. So if Baileys is just a caramel cream liquor, what is the new Caramel Baileys?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Up to Patsch

Twilight over the Alps, from Patsch
Twilight over the Alps, from Patsch

Anyway, I was well tired and it was time I made camp, so I headed back to the station and caught the bus up to my accommodation in Patsch, on the hills just above Innsbruck itself… which took a little longer than expected due to misunderstanding some instructions from the very helpful guy at the station and ending up on the wrong side of the station.

I arrived there about dinner time and after dropping my stuff off in the room and battling an odd random panicky thing had a nice dinner in the restaurant before collapsing into bed for the night.

Incidentally, I feel a bit of a tard for not working this out straight away, but when you check into a place somewhere and it's cold… turn the heater on. (Look, it's a free blog, and you get what you pay for.) The column heater things on the walls have knobs at the end to turn on the central hot water/oil supply flow, and they will leave them off when there's no guest in the room, so make turning them on the second thing you do when you've checked in to your room. (The first is to make sure the bloody toilet works.)

So I slept well but too briefly, coz I have outdoorsy plans for the next day.