Off to Austria

Published Thu 11 October 2007 09:45 (+0200)
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The mistake I made earlier in the trip was, when my “good” plans didn't work out, to try and change them to “ok” plans.

I think I learned that was the wrong approach; the correct approach is to replace the “good” plans with “teh awesome” plans. So when my “good” plans for hanging out in Germany got messed up due to accomodation bookings cock-ups in Regensburg, it was obvious what I had to do – a) buy a litre of burčák for the train to Regensburg and b) next up, go visit a cool city in a cool country.

So, I decided I'd go and check out Vienna. I dropped an email to our lovely Austrian friends (whom we worked with back in the glory days of eCOSM), Fritz and Kathie, who live in the Vienna area; maybe we could meet up for lunch?

Fritz emailed me back, would I like to come stay with them and spend a couple of days seeing a bit of the area? Hell yes! I know a good idea when I see it so I jumped on the train to their town, Sankt Pölten (St. Pölten), conveniently on the main route to Wien (Vienna).

4 hours to the other end of another country, no check-in queues, no security checks, stuff to look at out the window… Europe so good!

Fritz picked me up from the train station, we had a quick game of “count the churches” around the nice town centre, had a chat about work stuff, then hit the sack. Up promptly for breakfast and a busy day tomorrow morning.