Back to Prague for drinks & dinner

Published Mon 08 October 2007 12:03 (+0200)
We rate this burčák stuff!
We rate this burčák stuff!
Too cute not to post
Too cute not to post

Having returned from our Kutna Hora daytrip late afternoon, we found a nice bonus in the main train station; one of the small convenience stalls was selling burčák!

I’d been on the looking for this stuff after seeing it mentioned somewhere online, but I hadn’t been able to find it in bars or restaurants we'd been by.

Burčák is basically wine that has gone only through the initial stages of the process – it’s only partly fermented, and hasn’t been filtered & matured.

So it’s grapey, sweet, and deceptively lite – it’s definitely still alcoholic!

We really liked it! Charles is shown here considering his first sip of the red.

After heading back to the hotel to get ourselves tidied up, and a cocktail elsewhere during long wait for our table booking (too-cute-not-to-post action shot above), we had dinner at the excellent Klub Architektù.

The restaurant is underground, in the cellar of the architecture gallery, with rough stone walls and soft lighting (the unusual table lights drooping down to be just off the table).

The food was excellent – Mary and Charles both went with a great lamb dish (I forget the ingredients – berries and things IIRC), while I elected to do some research and try a rabbit dish, which turned out to be quite unlike any I’d had before, way more tender and delicate.

Definitely recommended, but you’ll have to be prepared to wait if you don’t book early!