The washing incident

Published Mon 08 October 2007 12:27 (+0200)

I left out one of the dumbass things that went wrong in Prague.

I needed to get some washing done on Friday, and like most hotels the one we were staying at lists it in their book of services, so I went down to give my bag of washing to the grumpy desk lady.

But it turns out that the washing service they list in that hotel guide isn't actually provided by the hotel, they just send you around the corner to a laundry place that shares the same building.

So I take my washing in there… the person at the washing place doesn't really speak english, but indicates that they close at 3pm. Hmm ok, we'll be out then, so “tomorrow”, I say.

Well, she evidently didn't understand that word… Mary has some bad news for me the next morning, even though their opening hours sign gave open hours for the weekend, they aren't open… in fact they don't open all on Saturday or Sunday!

Oh, they're there, and they're working, and my washing will be done, they just refuse to open the door and give it to me. Because, you know, they don't wanna.

I'm sure that if I was cuter, the girl working there would have bothered opening up :).

So anyway, just as well I wasn't leaving until Monday! And lame that the hotel doesn't handle it – it's in the same building, so I'll bet they are co-conspirators. In fact, I have to wonder if actually they are supposed to handle it, and the grumpy desk lady just couldn't be bothered.

I'd like to say that I learned my lesson here, but I dunno what that would be, unless it's that Prague laundry service opening hours signs don't mean shit and I am not cute enough!