Singapore to Frankfurt

Published Mon 17 September 2007 15:21 (+0200)

With the birdpark visit complete, there was just time to pop past Raffles for the obligatory expensive cocktail and do a quick geocache (biting ants, ow ow!) near the hotel, before grabbing a shower (glad I brought a compact towel thing) and heading out to the airport.

I'd decided that since I needed to roll off the plane and straight into action I really needed to get some sleep on the flight, so I've spent all my credit card reward points for the last couple of years on getting upgraded to Business class.

Just on Qantas though, so not too flash… went straight to bed once we were in the air so can't give you a real comparison of food (breakfast was fine, but that's an easy one).

But in one respect the airplane was better, the seats can stretch out fully flat (you end up in a little spherical bowl at the head end, which feels nice & private).

Got about 7 hours sleep, still pretty tired but that'll do. Roll on Germany!

(The timezone thing gets a little confusing around this point, due to the length of the flights and the 6h time difference between Singapore & Germany; we're up to the start of the 11th – I'm running a bit behind on blogging :)