August 2008

An almost-perfect day in Oxford

Myself and a couple of my London friends hopped on the trains on Sunday morning and took a day trip out to Oxford. We had a lovely day doing the walking tour, checking out the Botanic Gardens, and trying out punting… then my camera went missing :(.

Posted Wed 27 August 2008 23:18 (+0200)

A week in London

After Hong Kong I flew to London where a number of my Kiwi expat friends live, and spent a week hanging out with them and seeing the sights. Here's some photo highlights…

Posted Tue 26 August 2008 23:05 (+0200)

Dim sum and the aquarium

After the long hot walks of the first two days in Hong Kong, I needed to relax a bit on the last day, so I decided to go to the aquarium… But first, dim sum!

Posted Mon 18 August 2008 12:20 (+0100)

Cheung Chau Island

I don't know why, but I guess I'd always assumed that Hong Kong consisted of Hong Kong Island. Later I'd learnt that it had spread well onto the peninsula next door, but I didn't realise there were more islands too. In fact there's about 7 significant ones (plus a number of smaller others). On my second day in Hong Kong I zipped down to the central ferry piers and hopped on a ferry out to one of Hong Kong's outlying islands, Cheung Chau.

Posted Sun 17 August 2008 02:01 (+0100)

Hong Kong by night

Hong Kong does look very shiny at night. The panorama here is taken from Kowloon's waterfront, where you go to see the 8pm lights show, and the second shot is from Victoria Peak.

Posted Thu 14 August 2008 23:09 (+0800)

Morning in Hong Kong

It's already 26°C by the time my flight from Melbourne landed in Hong Kong at 6am, and it's only going to get worse. So I decide to walk up a hill.

Posted Tue 12 August 2008 17:47 (+0800)

To Hong Kong via Melbourne

So I'm off again on a bit of a trip, heading to Europe again for RailsConf Europe, this time via Hong Kong, London, and maybe Italy.

Posted Tue 12 August 2008 17:47 (+0800)

Recent photos

Hong Kong at night, from Victoria Peak
An IFC monolith
Lucky Dessert neon
Hong Kong sign overload near Mong Kok
Sunset from Hong Kong Island
One of the stalls making Mong Kok overpoweringly smelly
Making the most of the land you've got
Cool arch up Nong Ping

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