Baby pigeon update

Published Thu 15 May 2008 18:17 (+1300)
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... umm, I can still see you.
... umm, I can still see you.

Well, my baby pigeons now look like fully grown-up regular pigeons. About two weeks after the last photo I posted, the baby pigeons had lost most of their down and shortly after that were confident enough to hop out of my tomato box down onto the deck.

They were then exceptionally cute for about two days – you'd walk outside and they'd stare at you with a ‘WTF is that thing’?? look, and then go “um…” and slowly shuffle backwards to hide under the sprig of tomato plant hanging over the side of the box… not very effective, especially as they were chirping continuously while “hiding” there.

They immediately stopped being cute when they promptly grew confident enough to walk all over the deck… and shit all over the deck.

My deck is now an unnavigable bloody mess, and the little bastards, who look quite capable of flying – they're fully grown, and fly up to the table etc. when it suits them – are still hanging around, shitting everywhere.

I think they are basically the teenagers not leaving home because Mum is giving them too easy a deal at home. Dad is now thinking about coralling them off with some kind of fencing, so they realise it's time to go find their own flat. And then cleaning off the pigeon shit.

My neighbours did try and warn me, but I was just not mean enough :).