Cheap flights (AU/NZ)

Published Thu 10 January 2008 13:18 (+1300)
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Just a quick link dump of cheap flights, mainly to/from Australia and/or New Zealand.

Pacific Blue has a bunch of good introductory specials (current batch avail till 16 Jan). Qantas have a few specials also but some idiot's broken hotlinking by using cookies or somesuch, so for flights from NZ go to the NZ site's specials page and click on ‘International Flights’ or ‘Global Deals’ in the header. Locally Air New Zealand's grabaseat remains worth keeping an eye on.

House of Travel has some more ‘holiday deals’ and there's a site aggregating fares from a number of sites for AU & NZ destinations which is rudimentary but does the job and has some good prices.