Published Tue 25 September 2007 21:42 (+0200)
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Wurst is the German word for sausage. By law, German sausages are made without fillers – all meat and flavours – and they're fiercely proud of them.


Berlin Currywürst
Berlin Currywürst

In Berlin, the local specialty is Currywurst, which are served with curry powder and (typically) ‘hot onions’ (spicy tomato-onion stuff) and the omnipresent potato salad. Not bad – certainly perfect in cold weather.

BBQing bratwurst

Bratwurst on Rails
Bratwurst on Rails

Next taste came at the RailsConf EU 2007Bratwurst on Rails’ pre-conference BBQ. They had several of different types, including tofu!

Historische Wurstküche

The best würst?
The best würst?

But the wurst I had at the historical sausage kitchen during my brief visit to Regensburg were certainly good. The sweet mustard really set them off, with a little help from the sauerkraut.

My guidebook tells me these würst

“are regarded by many aficionados as the ultimate German Wurst – though this is not an opinion shared by the rival sausage metropolis of Nürnberg.”

Rival sausage metropolis.