Bratwurst on Rails

Published Sun 30 September 2007 10:41 (+0200)
Bratwurst on Rails
Bratwurst on Rails

Warming us up for RailsConf EU 2007, the Berlin user group organised a ‘Bratwurst on Rails’ BBQ/meetup at Kalkscheune, a local pub.

Beer was drunk, people were met, books were given out in prize draws, and disturbing numbers of brats were eaten!

I was surprised to see that among several types of brats they had tofu brats. Maybe Germany isn't as difficult for vegetarians as I thought :).

Big thanks to all the organisers and sponsors!

I met a number of interesting guys, including a pair of Slovenians with whom I had a good chat. They mentioned that Slovenia doesn't have a lot in the way of natural resources, but since they were called Urban and Darko I reckon that cool names should be one of Slovenia's major exports :).

Another good chat was with Marston Alfred of SugarStats. SugarStats is a bit like that medical data tracker/reporter thing I've been talking (offline) about building for a while – but specific to diabetes (so focussed and easy to use!). Check it out if you're a diabetic trying to gain some insight into the issue.