Attention Lufthansa

Published Tue 08 December 2009 21:11 (+1300)

While your 747 from Hong Kong to Frankfurt was a little old and so not so flash, it was fine and the flight was uneventful. However, when you are a German airline, and have an plane full of mostly German passengers, flying via a German airport hub, and the two meal options are tasty German sausage, or basically inedible chicken dish, you will run out of sausage almost exactly halfway down the cabin. Load more of the sausage.

Frankfurt airport was a slight pain in the ass, they obviously heard kiwis were coming as they went to some lengths to prevent us stealing their power. That aside the remaining hop to Madrid was fine, although by this point I was so sleep-deprived I was feeling a bit sick… managed to get to the hotel no worries though, stumbled through my first conversation in half-espaƱol to get checked in, and collapsed for some sleep!

Madrid awaited the next day.